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Cable ties

Plastic Packaging Handles

All Purpose Plastic Handles for Every Product
Click on the Image of the plastic handle to view brief description of the particular handle.
Light Weight 6" Plastic Handle Medium Duty 61/2" Plastic Handle
Light Weight 6" Handle Medium Duty 61/2"Handle
Custom Logo Medium Duty Plastic Handle Heavy Duty 6" Plastic Handle
Custom Logo Medium Duty Heavy Duty 6" Handle
Heavy Duty 6 1/2" Plastic Handle Heavy Duty 7" Plastic Handle
Heavy Duty 6 1/2" Handle Heavy Duty 7" Handle
Heavy Duty 8" Plastic Handle Heavy Duty 9" Plastic Handle
Heavy Duty 8" Handle Heavy Duty 9" Handle
Arrow Plastic Handle Link Plastic Handle
Arrow Handle Link Handle
Braid Plastic Handle Mini Plastic Handle
Braid Handle MINI
P-100 Plastic Handle and #PP-100 Light Weight Plastic Handle
P-100 / PP-100 Handle Light Weight Handle - EX7-157X10
Plastic Plastic Handle Plastic Plastic Handle
Plastic Handle DS-7132 Plastic Handle MB-127
Plastic Plastic Handle Parcel Plastic Handle
RM-224 Soft Touch Parcel Handle
Parcel Plastic Handle Backup 6" Plastic Handle
Pail Handle 16" Backup 6" Handle
Backup 8" Plastic Handle Backup - 7575
Backup 8" Handle Backup - 7575
Backup - 9HD Back Up Washers
Backup - 9HD Back Up Washers

You can't beat Leco's vast inventory of all-purpose plastic handles, used widely in the luggage goods, heat seal, electronics, firewood, packaging, sporting goods, and small appliance industries. Leco's plastic packaging handles are noted for flexible strength and instant application.   A variety of industries find our plastic handles indispensable both for convenience and ease of application.

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