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Cable ties


LECO PLASTICS, INC. was established in 1946. We appreciate your interest in the products and custom design services offered by Leco Plastics, Inc. and hope you find our on-line catalog to be very useful.
The many relationships we have developed with valued customers over a long period of growth and development are very important to us. Similarly, we value the opportunity to provide quality products and service to customers in need of reliable, precision manufactured plastic items.
If you are familiar with our products or just now being introduced to Leco plastics products line through our on-line catalog, be assured that we are committed to meeting your needs through superior quality products and responsive service.
Our order department processes and ships all stock items placed before 3.45pm EST that same day. Federal Express shipments are accepted to 4.30pm EST.
Leco Plastics, Inc. was founded in 1946 and is now operated by second and third generation management.
Samples of items listed in this catalog will be sent on request. Allow Leco Plastics experience to work for you on your next project. We will be glad to provide you with a prompt quote and information.
Using the latest Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.) system allows us to translate your designs and ideas into engineered drawings. Call our experienced staff to find out all the possible options.
Leco Plastics is able to build from scratch custom electro-mechanical, pneumatic production equipment as well as modified stock packaging equipment to automatically insert our products. From the design stage to the prototype stage to the production stage,Leco Plastics will work both in-house and on site for you automated packaging concerns.
For free samples or information : sales@lecoplastics.com
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