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Cable ties

Outsourcing Services

For over 60 years LECO PLASTICS, INC. has been a domestic manufacturer of plastic injection molded, extruded and metal stamped parts. LECO now provides it’s customers with a risk-free opportunity to source products internationally. This represents up to a 50% savings for small to mid-sized manufacturers.
No obligation until you accept the parts… you deal with a U.S. Manufacturer and receive payment terms with a domestic company!

Our services include:

1. Engineering
2. Mold Design & Layout
3. Die Design
4. Sampling

Outsourcing Our Manufacturing Capabilities:

1. Plastic Injection Molding
2. Extrusion
3. Metal Stamping
4. Powder Coating
5. Wire Forming
6. Castings
7. Assembly and Packaging
Outsourcing Weekly shipments of containers allow our customers to consolidate orders with current production.
Our frequent shipping schedule provides the most continuous product flow and minimizes shipping costs.
All quotes are in U.S. Dollars, F.O.B. Hackensack, N.J. USA, so there is no loss due to currency fluctuations.
For free samples or information : sales@lecoplastics.com
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