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Cable ties

Die-Cutting & Display Strips

Display Strip
LECO PLASTICS, INC. offers a unique In-Line die cutting process which gives our customers the choice of flexible or rigid plastics, in any thickness, texture, width, color, size or shape. You can have flexible pre-creased components, which have been tested up to 300,000 flexes without loss of quality.
Review the information and consider the top quality products we can manufacture in double quick time to meet almost any deadline. Our factory has produced such a phenomenal variety of die cut parts that when someone calls with a question, we have a similar sample on hand.
Leco offers a wide range of high quality virgin materials and 100% Post Consumer materials.
Die Cutting
Low Density Polyethylene
Polypropylene (2 melt and fractional)
HI-Impact Styrene
High Density Polyethylene
Flexible and Rigid Vinyl
Die Cutting
Many other thermoplastic materials are available. Call to dlWcuss the possibilities. New to our line of material is the capability to scent thermoplastics to last over a years time. Call, write, fax or send e-mail for more details.
Die Cutting
Our cost effective process has reduced our customers cost significantly. We stock thousands of pounds of raw material to ensure fast turn around on custom parts. Dies available in 24 hours allows for working samples and production runs within the week
Call our experienced staff for a fast & accurate quote. Allow your designs and ideas to be transformed into engineered drawings from Leco Plastics C.A.D. systems. Prompt service has allowed Leco Plastics to service the industry for 50 years.
Most die cut parts require little or no tooling costs. These cutting dies can be ready for production in 24 hours. Actual working samples in just a few days can be supplied. These cutting dies can be used for years to manufacture thousands and thousands of parts. Male-Female self clearing dies are also available.
Display Strips
Display Strips
Save space with LECO-STRIP, a simple system for hanging products vertically in a neat row. The unique design alternates a die-cut hole with every two hooks so the strip will hang on a ]-Hook or Cable Tie no matter how you tear it. Leco-Strip is available pre-cut 11 1/2", to 23 1/4" sizes with the capability to hold 6, 8, or 12 carded items. The L style is recommended for items weighing under 4 ounce and the H style is recommended for items over 4 ounces.
LECO PLASTICS manufactures many stock & custom display strips. Different sizes, die cuts and configurations are available. We understand that stock display strips are not always suitable to every product and we offer prototype and display design services to achieve the best functioning display strips.
Metal S-Hooks and cable ties are available to affix display strips to fixtures.
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For free samples or information : sales@lecoplastics.com
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