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Cable ties

Plastic Ties

All purpose of ties with 1001 uses
Plastic Tie : T- 500
Part #  T-500 Tie  
  Supplied in rolls of 1,000 pieces or in gangs of any denomination
Plastic Ties - T500
Specification Sheet 
Material  Low Density Polythene
Capacity  Up to 15 Lbs
Colors  Yellow Grey Custom colors available upon request Minimums apply
Standard case quantities  30,000 pieces
TS-Custom Tie
Part #  TS-Custom Tie
  This is a non-stock item that is custom manufactured to desired length
Plastic Ties - TS-Custom Tie
Specification Sheet
  Minimums apply


Part #  VERS-A-TIE  
  VERS-A-TIE allows for safe and easy application. The food, garden and paper industries find many uses for the VERS-A-TIE.
Plastic Ties - VERS-A-TIE
Specification Sheet 
Material  Low Density Polythene
Dimension  6", 8", 10" & 12"
Length  Custom length available
Colors  Red Custom colors available upon request
  Reusable & Recyclable
Part #  LECO-LOK
  LECO-LOK is a simple & safe continuous tie strap with 1001 uses. The LECO-LOK design allows for secure bundling without slipping or losing tension. The food, garden and paper industries find many uses.
Plastic Ties - LECO-LOK
Specification Sheet 
Material  High Density Polyethylene
Dimension  9/16" width
Length  Supplied on 1,000 foot spools or cut to length,
Custom length available
Colors  Yellow Custom colors & packaging available
  CHAIN-LOK is a continuous tie to fit a varity of bundle diameters.
Plastic Ties - CHAIN-LOK
Specification Sheet 
Material  Low Density Polyethylene
Dimension  3/8" width
  Supplied on 1,000 foot spools or cut to any length
Colors  Yellow Black Custom colors available upon request


Part #  SPIN & SEAL
  SPIN & SEAL allows for an air-tight, waterproof, dustproof seal every time... Plus a convenient, no-slip handle that holds any weight the bag holds. SPIN & SEAL is ideal for food processors, chemical, garden products, fertilizers, soil conditioners and mulches.
Plastic Ties - SPIN & SEAL
Specification Sheet
Material  Polypropylene
Dimension  1/2" Width
Colors  Grey (Natural) Special colors available upon request
Cut Lengths  4" Thru 24"
Plastic Ties - WIRE-TIES
Specification Sheet
Widths Available for Paper Wire Ties  3/16", 1/4", 3/8", & 1/2"
Plastic Coated Wire Ties  5/32" wide
Colors  White Red Blue Green yellow Orange
Printing  Stripes & Custom Messages
  Special Packaging Available


Part #  MS-1128
Material  Low Density Polyethylene
Specification Sheet 
Supplies  15,000 per case or 1,000 per bag
Colors  Grey (Natural)
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