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Cable ties


Product Description Ordering Information
Product Name: # BU-7575 Backup Plastic Handle
Material: Polypropylene
Size: Variable
Colors: Natural Thickness .075"

Both Back up plates & Washers provide reinforcement to any corrugated or cardboard box. They can be used with most of Leco's packaging handles. Custom Back up plates & Washers to meet your exact package specifications are available.

Product Dimensions (inches)

Packing Information
Carton Pack: 3,000 per carton
Other: For SR-330" Heavy Duty 9" Handle, 71/2" Length id Ideal
*Please Note:

Make die-cuts as small as possible so as not to weaken board. Ease of insertion of the plastic handle must also be taken into consideration and depends on the thickness of the board.

  1. Die-cuts shown were used to determine carrying weight of the handle.
  2. Each application requires individual examination to determine proper Die-cut.
  3. LecoPlastics will be glad to assist you in determining the best applicable die-cut.
  4. Carrying weights of handles are for reference only, and depends on your Flute and board type.

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